Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm an analytical...

One time I heard someone say "Oh I hate analyticals." Because they just think things to death, and can never make decisions and ACT. And I thought that was rude, because suddenly I realized was an analytical! And it drives me crazy. I have been working on things, but I want them to be PERFECT and they aren't and I can't decide what to do about it. I purchased the wood and paper to make the word SPRING 2 months ago... then I realized it would be 6 feet long, and I don't have a place to hang a 6' long spring decoration! So I decided to do HOP. (you know, like the Easter Bunny hops) But, that doesn't make as much sense on spring paper as it would on easter paper- you know with eggs etc. So I can't decide what to do. Those letters aren't glued on yet...Next, Target decided they weren't sucking enough out of me with just a $1 section, so they also added a bunch of $2.50 items that were so stinking cute! They are all painted wood, and cute, but I thought how much cuter they would be Mod Podged with some pretty paper! But I'm having a hard time decideing which items will go in which room, and what papers I will use!One decision I did make, I found this shower curtain that I absolutely adore! And bought some pretty bright pink towels to match for the girls bathroom. I've had the same shower curtain since we got married, nearly 9 years ago, because I could never really find something I loved. Now I'm worried when we have our next kid (not any time soon) it will be a boy, and he won't like the pink towels. Totally ridiculous! This is my reality check- I am analytical and a little crazy.
PS- We got my "smokin' deal" table tonight, opened the box and there's a big crack about 1/3 of the way across the top. :-( It's still totally functional, and I really love it other than the crack! They don't have any more though so I can't exchange it. I'm really bummed but I'm thinking if they give me a good enough discount, I may just keep it anyways.


Shauna said...

i think the word "hop" totally works on spring paper. easter is in spring, remember? :) that paper is dang cute.

love the new shower curtain! i'm happy with my curtains but need new towels bad.

Stephanie said...

ooh, i love your shower curtain! very pretty.
that's too bad about the crack in the table. i hope you get a good deal.
and the hop is darling, by the way. i have never let myself get into scrapbooking paper. i am sure it would become an obsession and i don't have room in my life for that right now. you always pick the cutest papers!

Becky said...

The hop looks great katie! i agree with shauna...easter is spring. totally works! cute paper! And what a great idea on the wood stuff to modpog. so cute! i love the shower curtain too. you can totally mix chocolate brown or lime-y green into it if you have boy...brown towels would be cute with the hot pink! where did you get your shower curtian? i love it!