Saturday, April 26, 2008

Free Card Downloads

Pottery Barn Teen has some new cute cards you can download and print from your home computer HERE. And I just discovered that Glitz Designs has a bunch of ready made cards you can download and print free too! Click HERE and then click on the little shopping bag that says "Bright Ideas" and then the "Downloads" tab and you'll see a list of cute cards made with their newest CD collection.
Plus they have lots of good ideas on their blog of things to make with their products.
And finally, the Epson Creative Zone always has a ton of great things to download and print.

I would like to thank...

Charlie will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! Besides all the help from friends and family with dinners and taking care of the girls, there are a few other things that have helped me get through these long days and nights- I have to give a special thanks to the following:
Lanolin. I would not still be nursing without it!
Pampers Swaddlers. Boys are different than girls. I have always been a Huggies mom. Pampers smell weird, and I don't like the way they feel. BUT, everytime Charlie peed, he soaked his back. Seriously, EVERY time! I don't know how he did it. I filled his laundry basket in 2 days. We switched to Pampers and no more leaks.And finally, a special thanks to good middle of the night TV shows! I don't recommend Food Network late at night as it usually makes me very hungry, but this show, Ace of Cakes is awesome! It's just about this bakery, Charm City Cakes, that makes the most beautiful, amazing cakes! Pastry Chef Duff Goldman and his crew are entertaining and crazy talented. Check out their cake gallery HERE. Very fun to watch, and it doesn't make me hungry.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's our sweetie! (finally)

His sisters are totally in love with him. (Sam & I too!) Besides being way too tired, we are having fun.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Been a little busy...

Charlie has arrived- last Sunday. I am working on getting the pictures, hopefully tomorrow! Last week I felt like I was in labor almost every night! Contractions would start around when I put the kids to bed, and then fizzle out a few hours later. Finally, Sunday morning I woke up around 1 hurting, and after a few hours of going in and out of sleep I finally was hurting too bad to sleep and got up and got ready. I spent all morning timing contractions and suffering, waiting for some kind of consistent pattern until I couldn't wait any more. We checked into the hospital around 2:30 and luckily for me they were pretty slow and happy to admit me and get that epidural going. Charlie arrived at 7:30 that night, a chubby and healthy 8lbs 1oz, without any major complications and we are both doing good! I don't get much done in the early weeks with a new baby, as you can see this post took me a week to do! Pictures of our handsome little boy to come soon!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oilcloth Lunchbags

I got on a "craft of the day" e-mail list from and the other day they had these pretty oilcloth lunch bags. I don't think I'll be making them any time soon, but I love them so it's filed away in my "to do someday list." Enjoy (click on the picture to see instructions for the lunch bag and also a pattern to make baby bibs)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hillbilly/Red Neck/White Trash Party

Preston and Ginger had a fun theme party last weekend- I wish I had taken a lot more pictures! The party was out of their garage and Preston boiled up a million crawfish. Debbie let me take a picture of her with one: (yes, a lot of people were ACTUALLY EATING them!)Debbie and Shane: I won an awsesome recycled trophy for bringing the best side dish- proof I can cook! My Major Award: and the winners of the Best Dressed awards:And my country boy: (you may see him in this very outfit working outside many mornings)And me in my trashy shirt: (which you will NOT see me in again- it says "this shirt looks even better wet")
Kim & Derek: (who incidently cut his hair for the occasion, and is still sporting the mullet today) And David and Ruth, probably the couple everyone in the trailer park hates because they're so cute.