Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tried another sketch challenge

This time I tried the Card Positioning Systems blog sketch- they have one every week and the designers make some examples, and then you can play along and post yours. Here are mine:
I used the Bazzil Bling cardstock on the wedding one and then a transparency printed with the Glitz Digital Scrapbook CD for the overlay. And then the Glitz Designs cardstock stickers for the birthday cake and flower elements. It was fun!

More to fill your online time

I like to look at pictures, and this is really cool- Flickrvision- it uses Google Maps to show you pictures posted to Flickr live around the world. Click HERE to experience it.
And if that doesn't get you feeling all warm and fuzzy and connected to the globe, THIS VIDEO will-
if you aren't one of the 8 million+ people who have seen it already! You can watch it in high quality on YouTube HERE, just click on "watch in high quality" under the movie.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Overdue layout

He totally hated the pool, but he looked so cute!
Charlie is so lucky- not only does he have 3 sisters, but we have 2 new little girl cousins Sadie and Abigail, and in the next few months he'll have 2 more girl cousins, Riley and Evelyn! Doesn't my little baby look HUGE next to those new ones?

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I made a couple cards worth sharing- I even tried a "sketch challenge" for the first time. This one is from LilyBean's Paperie which has some of the most beautiful handmade cards ever.Mine is totally not in the same league as hers but it was fun to make, and I have set the goal of making at least 1 card per week just to force some creativity. (and hopefully get better at it and use up all my crap!) I made a couple of these birthday cards using the cute bird chipboard stickers from Glitz. And finally I made a ton of these candy bar pockets for my sister's shower months ago but there were extras and I like how they turned out. (I know I already showed candy bar pockets before, but these are totally different!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cheap Date

We went out last night and had to be a little creative- we had a gift certificate for dinner and then drove around until we found ourselves at the library. We checked out the "For Sale" section and I learned that you can buy magazines there for $.35, and you can also donate your old magazines when you are finished. I found this fantastic book for only $1:

Published in 1966 and most of the crafts are totally horrendous, but it was just too classic to pass up. I knew I would regret not buying it. I know this picture is blurry and hard to read but the title is Aprons with a Foreign Flair- and the comments beside each apron are so funny- (left to right) "Ideal to wear for smorgasbord party" "Greek or not, she'll love wearing it!" "Oriental look not bought in a shop" and finally "Wear it as an apron or an overskirt" Wow- seriously? BHG doesn't kid around. These Bazzar Best Sellers are Bizzar-although there's something I really like about the chicken spice rack... Ok, again hard to see, but that wall on the left has TASSLES hanging on it! That is just classic. I love my new (old) book.

That great find got me energized for vintage stuff, and we stopped off at a thrift store before heading home (didn't want to get home before the kids bedtime!) And I found 2 more cool things. Can't you just see a little old lady in this "house dress" (isn't what they call them?) I am determined to make it into a couple of pillows. And I found 2 of these pretty sheer tablecloths-

I just have to have a tea party now to use them, or maybe I will cut them up for aprons... (to be honest, they will probably sit somewhere for years before I do anything with them, but for $3 I couldn't pass them up.) So our free date ended up costing about $10, but that's still not bad right?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cool Art

This is really neat- artist Daniel Edlen paints musicians on their records. Click on the picture to go to his website:What a great gift for your favorite music lover- Lindsey, if you and Kipp need to buy for your crazy-KISS-fan-brother for Christmas this year, you need not waste another minute shopping:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time to go green?

I got an e-mail the other day that illuminated the evils of the plastic grocery bag and I thought I might look into getting some re-useable grocery bags. And if I'm going to jump on the oh so trendy "go green" wagon, I need some pretty shopping bags! The HP website has these butterfly/nature images you can download and print onto iron on transfers for your cloth shopping bags. (click picture to go to website.) I don't know the best source for canvas shopping bags, but Amazon has a ton of choices, I liked THIS ONE.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Fun

Miss B had her 7th birthday- the countdown to the teenage years is on! I didn't even buy her any toys this year.
And I've been bit by the digital scrapbooking bug- or maybe I'm just not used to 32oz Dr Pepper's before bed anymore... regardless, I am forcing myself to go to bed now.

Happy TEN Years

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary this week and I finally made a digital scrapbook layout- it's been MONTHS but it was fun and I suddenly feel motivated again. Yes those are the lyrics to a cheesy country song, I know, but we were cheesy then... I can't believe how young we were.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cowboy crib mobile

All of my babies have LOVED their crib mobiles, but I couldn't find one for Charlie that was cowboyish that I liked, so I made one. And it was fun. I found this (not too cute) mobile at the JC Penny outlet for $3 and took off all the stuff, then added these horses from Oriental Trading Company and a bandana we had laying around.
He is very happy to lay in his crib now. (for a little while anyways)

I obviously have 3 big sisters

(and drool a lot)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Time to update my wallpaper

I am loving my new desktop wallpaper/calendar:
If you want one you can download it from Shabby Miss Jenn HERE and add your own picture. Here's another cute one for July from Shabby Princess: click HERE to download it:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I've been trying to start doing something creative but haven't actually finished anything yet but I really wanted to post something new on here! Quite cute if you ask me.