Sunday, July 27, 2008

Charlie is so lucky- not only does he have 3 sisters, but we have 2 new little girl cousins Sadie and Abigail, and in the next few months he'll have 2 more girl cousins, Riley and Evelyn! Doesn't my little baby look HUGE next to those new ones?


Shauna said...

Okay I know Sadie is Becky's and Abigail is David's, right? Who is having Riley & Evelyn?

Sam & Charlie will get lots of bonding time to escape all the girls. He's such a cute baby

Now for the header - it's so cute. I need your help on mine! I know you put so many digital scrapbooking links on your blog...which one can I do without Photoshop?

Emily said...

Adorable. They grow so fast! Your little man looks huge compared to those sweet, tiny elfins: )

markandaubrey said...

I love these pictures. I saw them on David and Suzi's blog. So cute!