Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is it just me?

Is it just me or is this little guy just growing up WAY too fast?

Card Challenge

This week I found a few challenges online and started planning the cards I was going to make, I'm late on a few weddings and thank you's, but here it is Saturday night and the only one I actually managed to finish is this one for the "Tuesday Trigger" challenge from Moxie Fab World:

Oh well, maybe I'll accomplish a little more this week! (Click the picture to go see the "trigger" and all the other cards people linked up!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Must Read- seriously, you must read this now

Nella Cordelia: A Birth Story. Well actually, don't read it right now if you are leaving somewhere soon, or in a hurry, because it is not short, and you will cry. And cry and cry, but it is a beautiful story. One of my favorite bloggers, Gabby of Design Mom is pregnant and on Wednesdays she shares birth stories and today she linked over to this one, this beautiful mother who had hoped and planned for this birth for so long. She seriously had every detail planned, it was to be an event- a beautiful party in her hospital room with all her friends, and it went perfectly. Right up to the moment she realized that her precious baby had down syndrome, something no one had suspected before. Go read it right now HERE. You will be glad, it will change you a little.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cricut fans- act quickly! is having a SUPER "gold medal sale" that ends today I think, but all cartridges are $29.99! I usually try to buy them on e-bay and for the big complete ones (with shapes and alphabets) that's just about the cheapest you can get them if you are lucky, and stalk the auctions for a while! I wish I had more Christmas money left, there are a few I've been eyeing! If you've been thinking about buying a machine, they have the Cricut Create for $75 right now too.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lovely Love

Happy Valentine's Day to you! My cookie exchange party was fun but I forgot to take pictures darn it! Besides spending time with girlfriends I don't get to see much, my favorite part was making the invitations and stuff for the party! I did snag a picture of the water bottle labels before the kids confiscated them the next morning- they matched the invites and little cards to label the cookies- I loved them.I had a lot of fun making this Valentine banner too, I will keep it and pull it out next year. I just printed the letters out from my computer, 2 to a page, then trimmed them and used a scalloped punch on the bottom and tied them together with tulle ribbon.I also had to share these cute things my friend Ashley made for me- she used American Crafts papers and embellishments and stuck them on painted blocks cut from a 2x4 and then attached some hot pink vinyl letters to spell "love". The candy topiary was just made with a painted dowel and styrofoam ball stuck into a pot. It gets surprisingly top heavy with all those valentine candy hearts so make sure you weigh the pot down well with plaster and rocks or something if you make one!
By today I was a little Valentined out but luckily my kids reminded me that Valentine's Day wasn't over when my party was, and they expected some celebrating! So we kept the red tablecloth out in the dining room and ate heart shaped french toast this morning in there. (FYI- heart shaped french toast is WAY easier than heart shaped pancakes and really cute with powdered sugar and strawberries if you have them- pretend I took a picture for you!)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mainly for me...

Because my "Favorites" folder is stuffed to the brim and I'd never find these links again, I am posting some really cool things found online that I need to revisit- and I think you might want to check them out too!

Tutorial and pattern for these darling felt rose hair clips from Purl Bee HERE.

Rolled Fabric Flower tutorial from House of Three HERE.

30 Printable valentines (free downloads!) from The Long Thread HERE.

Trinket Keepers (really great little bag things) Tutorial from Amazing Mae HERE.

Celebrate the Boy- tons of CUTE things to make for *gasp* BOYS! on Made HERE.
And finally, easy handmade card ideas from Better Homes & Gardens HERE.

I did something brave for me, I planned a little party for this weekend, a Valentine cookie exchange (inspired by Blonde Designs.) I realized I need to host a get-together of sorts every few months so I can kick my booty to get things done around here! I nearly had a panic attack when I dropped the invites off at the post office- no backing out now! Since Mr. H arrived lots of things have been getting overlooked around here. So back to work- I can dig into those links next week! Enjoy!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Favorite Simple Valentines for kids

I love all the great ideas that pop up on blogs around the holidays! My kids will be giving mini bags of microwave popcorn if I can come up with a cute label or something for them but I love these 2 ideas!
Blonde Designs has templates for lips and moustashes that can be slid on the bottom of a lollipop to make these cute treats:
I also think these 3-D lollipop valentines are so clever and simple, found on 24-7-365:
You could use the same idea and stick a flower or something in there too.
(click on the pictures to go to the original blog post for instructions and more pictures.)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Valentine Wreath Calendar

You can download and print this pretty February calendar and then hang it over your desk to make you smile all month! Created by Lisa Rupp- click picture to go to her blog for the free download.