Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lovely Love

Happy Valentine's Day to you! My cookie exchange party was fun but I forgot to take pictures darn it! Besides spending time with girlfriends I don't get to see much, my favorite part was making the invitations and stuff for the party! I did snag a picture of the water bottle labels before the kids confiscated them the next morning- they matched the invites and little cards to label the cookies- I loved them.I had a lot of fun making this Valentine banner too, I will keep it and pull it out next year. I just printed the letters out from my computer, 2 to a page, then trimmed them and used a scalloped punch on the bottom and tied them together with tulle ribbon.I also had to share these cute things my friend Ashley made for me- she used American Crafts papers and embellishments and stuck them on painted blocks cut from a 2x4 and then attached some hot pink vinyl letters to spell "love". The candy topiary was just made with a painted dowel and styrofoam ball stuck into a pot. It gets surprisingly top heavy with all those valentine candy hearts so make sure you weigh the pot down well with plaster and rocks or something if you make one!
By today I was a little Valentined out but luckily my kids reminded me that Valentine's Day wasn't over when my party was, and they expected some celebrating! So we kept the red tablecloth out in the dining room and ate heart shaped french toast this morning in there. (FYI- heart shaped french toast is WAY easier than heart shaped pancakes and really cute with powdered sugar and strawberries if you have them- pretend I took a picture for you!)


Shauna said...

so cute katie! i want to see more and hear more about the party...i have to be there vicariously.

i love that picture of your kids. charlie is huge next to harrison! is harry a smaller child that charlie was at the same age? he looks so little!

Robin said...

I'm so sorry I didn't reply about the party! please don't hate me. My sister has been staying with me and I didn't think I could come, so I forgot to reply. I still love you and hope we can get together another time!

melmck said...

i'm so sorry i missed it! the decorations look great!

Jamie Lane said...

Great projects! I love the water bottle wrappers, so clever! :)