Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Must Read- seriously, you must read this now

Nella Cordelia: A Birth Story. Well actually, don't read it right now if you are leaving somewhere soon, or in a hurry, because it is not short, and you will cry. And cry and cry, but it is a beautiful story. One of my favorite bloggers, Gabby of Design Mom is pregnant and on Wednesdays she shares birth stories and today she linked over to this one, this beautiful mother who had hoped and planned for this birth for so long. She seriously had every detail planned, it was to be an event- a beautiful party in her hospital room with all her friends, and it went perfectly. Right up to the moment she realized that her precious baby had down syndrome, something no one had suspected before. Go read it right now HERE. You will be glad, it will change you a little.


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stephanie said...

i read it yesterday. and cried. and cried. it was so well done.