Saturday, February 23, 2008

Meg Harper is on Etsy! And a new favorite blog...

My friend Meg Harper opened up an Etsy shop! She only has a couple prints in there right now but hopefully there will be more soon. They are from her Affirmations series and have inspirational wording woven throughout the paintings. You can check out her shop, artjoymeg by clicking HERE. And see a bunch of her other paintings on her website,
Next, I think I found a new favorite blog today! Danielle Thompson has so many pretty things to look at, I added her to my list but I highly recommend taking a peak now HERE.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to Digital Scrapbooking

Ok no more controversial blog topics for me! Back to the frivolous things I understand better and prefer to talk about! Some of you have asked about digital scrapbooking, how to get started, and I came across THIS PAGE on Two Peas that totally tells you what you need and how to get going, so if you're interrested click that link! And if you just don't think you'll ever want to try designing your own pages, Shutterfly has beautiful ready made books you can just pop your pictures in! See this one and others HERE. My poor laptop hard drive is dead, but if I just get a new hard drive it should be great again, so hopefully I can talk Sam into letting me replace it when we get our tax refund! This old computer is so slow and short on space I can't stand to use Photoshop on it so I think I'm taking a digital scrapbooking break for a bit.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

200th Post!

I've been looking forward to my 200th post! I'm not into politics, but the issue of illegal immigration is a biggie for me. I don't know if there is a "right" thing to do here, but I know what we're doing now as a nation is not working. I read THIS ARTICLE today and it is really sad. Read it, think about it, it's just not right to tear apart a family.

T.G.I. Almost Monday!

Sunday nights sometimes come with some gloom thinking about the upcoming Monday, but I have to say I am ready for this weekend to be OVER! It was frustrating and unproductive- I had a lot of plans that didn't happen, we started enough projects to just totally tear up my house and leave it a disaster area and I can't wait to start getting things wrapped up and put back together tomorrow! All 3 of my kids are sleeping on mattresses on the floor in the same (messy) room! One good thing from the weekend was trying out this odd little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant with really good tacos! Sam tried it out earlier in the week and since I was in no mood to cook by the end of the day Saturday, he suggested we go try it out. I wanted to turn around and walk right back out as soon as we walked in. No one spoke a bit of English, and they didn't even have a soda machine! We had to walk down to another creepy Mexican restaurant to pick up drinks! (and no Dr. Pepper there either)
Anyways, Valentines was good- I initially wanted to make a different kind of cookie every day of the week but after 3 days of butter and sugar I decided it was enough. We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with half chocolate chips and half Valentine M&M's, Peanut blossoms with Dove hearts instead of kisses, and pink snickerdoodles!For dinner the girls helped me make some super yummy heart shaped pizzas- since we did it last year it is a tradition!I got some Pomegranite Martini Mix and added it to sprite to make it pink and tasty. (FYI- it just tasted like cranberry juice in Sprite, for future reference, next time I think I'll just get cherry 7-up!) For breakfast I punched heart cookie cutters through bread before toasting it and that was much easier and just as impressive for the kids as heart pancakes would have been. I made Sam this Glitz sweetheart clear album (class at the scrapbook store) Yes I'm sure just what every guy wants for Valentines! But it was fun to make.and the girls got little baggies of dollar store stuff and they seemed to like it too. I hope you had a great Valentines and a better weekend than me!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


3 posts in 1 night, this might be a record! I was trying to watch Never Been Kissed the other night but I kept getting distracted by Charlie's wild dancing in my belly- I finally busted out the camera and tried to get a little video documentation. I was holding perfectly still except for breathing. I know this isn't something new, if you've been pregnant you've seen it, but it's pretty fascinating to me.

Sunday Afternoon UFO

Today Miss B ran in screaming wildly and we thought someone must be seriously injured, until we saw the unidentified falling object she was so excited about- 2 red heart mylar balloons drifting down from the sky into our backyard. The horses were terrified, they had never seen such a horrible thing before but the girls were thrilled- you'd think a treasure chest had just fallen from the sky! Sam took them back to recover the object and they had a lot of fun with them until the popped balloon that had brought them down, became untangled, and they lifted off into the sky again.
And in other news, our little Miss E has figured out how to "climb over" her crib. Thank goodness she is moving out in the next week or so. Last night when Sam went to check on the girls before bed, he found this:
How cute and sneaky.

$1 Font Sale

There are probably thousands of free fonts out there, but sometimes there's something specific you're looking for and it's necessary to buy one! Scrap 'n Fonts is having a $1 sale on most of their fonts, card kits and "doodlebats" (simple clip art like designs that work like your dingbat fonts- see the sample below) so now is a GREAT time to stock up on a few! They have a ton of really cute things- the sale ends Valentines Day I believe so go check it out HERE.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Valentines on Etsy

Sarah Jane Studios art seems to be on tons of blogs but this illustration was new to me- I love it. You can get a set of 10 postcards for $16.
These little valentine button bouquets were cute too:And these chocolate covered oreos are really cute and something fun and easy even kids could help with:
I'm trying to come up with something fun to make the girls for Valentines... any ideas? Sam is getting a little clear love album I made at a Glitz class- it was fun.

I've lost a limb.

I am sorry for the lack of blog posts- I can't post right now because I just want to complain. If I WAS going to post, I would just tell you after talking to Dell Tech Support, and having some computer programers we know examine my laptop, it appears that the hard drive is a total loss. All the digital scrapbooking supplies I've collected, fonts, digital scrapbook pages I've made and not printed, pictures, (saved to Shutterfly thank goodness, but gone for my files) all my Quicken files that I needed for taxes, my e-mail addresses, my internet favorites, and probably lots of other things I haven't thought of yet, GONE. Sam quit his job at the end of the year and has started a new business and I am so excited for him, but right now we are just trying to not drain all our savings, so a new laptop is just not in my near future. Oh and we've been to the pediatrition 4 times in the last month, and Miss B is on round 2 of antibiotics for Strep Throat. I'm not ignoring the blessings though, no one else has gotten it yet.
I'll just show you one of my favorite old pictures- since that's all I have on this computer. It's Sam and Miss B. when she was 1 playing outside the Dallas temple.It makes me smile even when I'm being a grump. I will take some new pictures, and find something fun and interresting to blog about soon!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Hooked on QVC

I stayed up last night to see Glitz on QVC and got hooked, today I am not straying far from my office TV to keep peeking at their "paper crafting fair!" You can buy some of the stuff from their website, including a kit of Glitz "frosting" strips and arrows HERE. I've never really watched QVC but they have a lot of things begging me to bust out the credit card and start running it up! (don't worry Sam, I won't)
My laptop crashed last week so I feel really disconnected- I can check my e-mail and blog on my office computer but I can't remember the password to my COX e-mail if anyone tries to e-mail me, don't use that one! Dell is sending me some disks that "might" recover "some or all" of my data so I am crossing my fingers!