Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to Digital Scrapbooking

Ok no more controversial blog topics for me! Back to the frivolous things I understand better and prefer to talk about! Some of you have asked about digital scrapbooking, how to get started, and I came across THIS PAGE on Two Peas that totally tells you what you need and how to get going, so if you're interrested click that link! And if you just don't think you'll ever want to try designing your own pages, Shutterfly has beautiful ready made books you can just pop your pictures in! See this one and others HERE. My poor laptop hard drive is dead, but if I just get a new hard drive it should be great again, so hopefully I can talk Sam into letting me replace it when we get our tax refund! This old computer is so slow and short on space I can't stand to use Photoshop on it so I think I'm taking a digital scrapbooking break for a bit.


Erin said...

I love digital Scrapbooking!! No set-up, no clean's so easy and fun! Can't wait to see some more of your digi layouts!

Laura said...

I agree! I'm loving digital..more and more!! Fun stuff!!