Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Afternoon UFO

Today Miss B ran in screaming wildly and we thought someone must be seriously injured, until we saw the unidentified falling object she was so excited about- 2 red heart mylar balloons drifting down from the sky into our backyard. The horses were terrified, they had never seen such a horrible thing before but the girls were thrilled- you'd think a treasure chest had just fallen from the sky! Sam took them back to recover the object and they had a lot of fun with them until the popped balloon that had brought them down, became untangled, and they lifted off into the sky again.
And in other news, our little Miss E has figured out how to "climb over" her crib. Thank goodness she is moving out in the next week or so. Last night when Sam went to check on the girls before bed, he found this:
How cute and sneaky.


Stephanie said...

that looks cozy.

Rachel said...

that is the sweetest picture. how cute that they want to sleep with each other.

Shauna said...

I hope the family that lost their balloons reads your post... I always wonder where those balloons that float away go.