Sunday, February 17, 2008

200th Post!

I've been looking forward to my 200th post! I'm not into politics, but the issue of illegal immigration is a biggie for me. I don't know if there is a "right" thing to do here, but I know what we're doing now as a nation is not working. I read THIS ARTICLE today and it is really sad. Read it, think about it, it's just not right to tear apart a family.


Shauna said...

Happy 200th post! I didn't make it through the article but I got the gist of it. So sad for that family. I don't know too much about all the immigration stuff but I know there are some good people in there. My parents have a Spanish branch attached to their ward and I was there when their Branch President spoke and it was so touching. He talked about how they just want a better life for their families than what their country has to offer. Made me look at it different.

emidinkl said...

Good article. It's so hard to know--- what's the line for mercy and justice? Roger and I have talked about this issue a lot. We both have been on each side at one time or another. I think we are finally in agreeance...that we are clueless as to what the answer is. We believe in honoring, obeying, and sustaining the law right? But like Shauna said in her comment, those families want something better for their families. We personally know a few families who could be in this same position soon and they are very good people.

Sara said...

mmm. I read the article... I really can go several ways - I know many 'illegals' - families that have been in Az for decades. And have made a really good life for themselves. - but the bottom line is they did it illegally. I understand wanting a better life for your family - but do it the right way. (Which I'm sure the right way is a long, impossible process) I am torn for that family in the article - that is a really sad, hard situation - I feel like the 10 yr. rule is a harsh consequence - but it is a consequence, and they are in the predicament they are in because she chose to come here illegally. I don't know that there is a right answer to solve the problem. The whole issue is a big mess. Families deserve a better life, but with the good come a lot of bad - and I have a huge problem with those who come over and contribute negatively to society -mainly crime & drugs. And then, what about taxes and healthcare .... I could go on and on. I think mostly though I am upset at the Mexican Government -for not making opportunities for their people and for seemingly encouraging their citizens to go to the U.S.
This is a can of worms!!! :D Anyway, sadly, I don't know that there is a solution.

Anonymous said...

I say if you want to come into our country you need to do it the right way! We have an awesome country and that is why it is so appealing to people from other countries. But why should we allow them to come in and do illegal acts and try to justify them by saying we just want a "better life" while putting a burden on our country to support them or increase goverment cost trying to handle their "illegal" actions.

Some of these "nice" families help bring extended family members and they are the ones dealing drugs in your neighborhoods and running into people without drivers licenses and insurance not to mention the ones that rape!

You wouldn't let someone burglarize your house because they wanted a "better life" with your things, so why would you let them come into our country and do the same things on a larger scale?!

KatieJ said...

Yikes- I'm not trying to upset anyone! I am definatly not saying it's "ok" for people to come here illegally- it is absolutely wrong, and we need to do more to keep them from coming in, but I do think if the only crime they have committed is coming here and have since worked hard and been good citizens, maybe we can cut them some slack, give them an alternative (high fines, back taxes etc) or some kind of legal working status where the system can keep track of them and collect taxes etc. Again, I don't know the solution. But most of them are not drug dealers, rapists and burglars, but I bet the ones that are, are not being hurt by our laws that punish companies that hire illegal workers- the people here to do honest work to give their families a better life.