Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I love JC Penny's!

I was planning to redo my kitchen table somehow, (I was kind of chickening out on the resin top part though) but I was looking at JC Penny online outlet and found a great looking table for $99! Delivered to the store for free! I am so excited. It was out of stock online, but my wonderful, smart husband suggested I call and sure enough, they had it! And in black which wasn't even shown online. Picture this in "distressed black"
SO do you need a table? JC Penny has a lot of great stuff on clearance right now, and you can get free shipping with the code ONLINEFS through March 14th. How about this HUGE 36" clock for $89?
Or this great mirror? (also huge and $89)
Or this great large painting for only $59!
And finally, how about these cute red dishes! Only $99 for 72 pieces- 12 people!

Who knew JC Penny had such great stuff? For such great prices...

Enough of that- I hope I haven't sent anyone on a shopping spree- it was hard for me to not buy any of that stuff but I think it helped sharing them here :) I have to show a couple scrapbook pages I did last night because they turned out so cute! I used the Spring Chick kit by Dani Mogstad and a couple templates I downloaded somewhere... The templates helped me learn how to do some cool new "tricks."


Becky said...

i love your digital scrapbooking. Great pics too! :)

Shauna said...

I would never have even thought of JCPenney. That table is way cute.

CHEL said...

I love your scrapbook pages... I need to find cool stuff like that; mine are all starting to look so un-original.

Stephanie said...

LOVE the table. i am all about distressed black furniture.

your girls are so cute! and so are your scrapboook pages.