Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pink Milk

Do you watch Charlie and Lola? (or read the books for that matter) I saw this site, Pink Milk, over on Prints & Patterns and was so excited! It's the cutest show and Pink Milk sells tons of the merchandise. I bet I can steer Miss B towards a Charlie and Lola party- isn't this the cutest?


Mark said...

Mark from Pink Milk here. Thanks for the mention. If you or anyone else fancies buying any of our Charlie and Lola Merch, please use voucher code WannabeCrafter to get 10% discount. (valid until the end of the month)

thanks again, and keep on blogging

(please remove with my apologies if you consider this as intrusive advertising)

Shauna said...

Hey that's cool! How'd that guy know you blogged about his stuff? That show is so cute.

Mark said...

We have tracking software that shows when people click from external sites to ours. It's very interesting. Well, you know - if you're a geek like me.