Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Phattie

Today is my long time friend Lindsey's birthday! Here are my top 10 memories of our friendship- and a couple pictures that had me laughing my head off today :)

1- Monopoly club in the guest house.

2- My boyfriend and I broke up and then you guys hooked up- and we stayed friends.

3- Girls camp with braids and you showing off the Monkey and Lizzard.

4- Playing checkers at Coffee Talk- and shopping for clothing there.

5- Going to lunch in Lukes bug, and the Bad Corsica. (Park 'n Shop and Pizza Hut)

6- Sadies with Luke and Hyrum

7- Our "family photo" and riding in the blue & grey Bronco. 8- Special GNO's with our matching t-shirts. (Shauna, I have looked at this picture at least 10 times tonight and you make me laugh every time- even as I am typeing this!)
9- Our trip to Disneyland and Oceanside with your family- wow we were hotties!!!
10- Your mom being funny, and cooking really good food, your dad always rolling his eyes at us and wearing cool shoes, your awesome cruncy ice, 90210 Night, Seth always running past us and wearing Suns hats, loves and breakups, sleepovers, the Pink Adobe Casa, and I know I've gone past 10 things, but I got on a roll- I love you Lindsey- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

1 comment:

Shauna said...

You did not put that "family photo" on your blog. At least you didn't use the serious version. I look handicapped in the helmet pic.

I revised my blog so we wouldn't both have the same picture of Lindsey.

Your card you made is so cute!