Friday, February 16, 2007

My life is not perfect

If you know me, you probably are saying DUH- but I realized the problem with blogs- it's like the Christmas card photo and letter- everyone puts out their best side, because who wants to see or hear about the bad? But then you start getting all these Christmas cards, and seeing the perfect beautiful families, reading the letter of their awesome accomplishments, and start to think boy my life is pretty dull and my family is pretty imperfect. But the fact is, a picture is just a moment. And while I totally admit my life is nothing to complain about, it is far from perfect. I want to keep my blog positive, but I am going to do a "reality check" a couple times a month in case I start making things sound too good. Here is a perfect moment from today.
I should point out my bed is unmade- and it remained unmade all day! But my reality check picture for today is my kitchen floor. It actually looks much worse in real life. I haven't swept it in almost 48 hours. See- very imperfect.

P.S. I did sweep tonight because luckily we were having friends over for dinner. I need the motivation.


Stephanie said...

this is so true! my life is not perfect, either.

Jessi said...

LOVE IT!!! So, so true. Thanks for verbalizing something I've often thought.