Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Arizona! (yesterday...)

And happy Valentine's Day too! This card came from a free 4"x4" Valentine's brag book by Dani Mogstad that you can get here. I also made a cute card to give to the cousins and grandparents and ordered them from Winkflash but they didn't get here in time. I used stuff from the (free) Seasonal Sampler from The Shabby Princess to make it and you can download that kit here.
Yesterday was a fun day! We made some YUMMY heart shaped brownies for Sam, and put them in heart shaped box that started out really ugly (red with gold foil chocolate box you know) but I think we made it kind of cute. And my favorite Valentine's Day tradition- heart shaped pizzas- Miss B and Miss G each get to make their own- Miss G wouldn't let me take her picture.
Now I have to go take care of the laundry I ignored for the past couple days. You will find me chained to the washing machine all day...

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