Saturday, August 15, 2009

Personalizing with Shrinky Dinks

DesignMom featured a shop that sold cute custom name tags for kids to put on their lunchboxes and backpacks etc. and I got a little obsessed with the idea of making my own for the girls. I decided to make them out of inkjet printable shrinky dink plastic- (from Michaels) I made these shapes then typed on the names and printed them, punched a hole, and shrunk them in the toaster oven! (my kids think it's a "shrinky dinker" because I never cook with it) After you shrink them, it's necessary to spray them with a clear coat of paint to seal it or the minute a drop of water hits them they are ruined. Anyways, if you want to make some too, you can download my shapes pages below, click on the image to get the free download.Also fun would be to print a picture of your kid and shrink it- you just have to make sure you lighten them up enough, I tried it and didn't lighten them up much and when they shrunk it was too dark to see anything and I didn't want to use any more of my plastic! Another fun way to personalize stuff is with scrapbook stickers- everywhere we went they had the same plastic pencil box so we used these "Glitzers" stickers to personalize Miss B's. She requested I put her in the picture on my blog.

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melmck said...

LOVE this idea and LOVE miss b. remember when she saved gracie's life? that was awesome. :)