Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DIY Mercury Glass

I've been trying to just toss those catalogs before I even bring them in my house but I had to sneak a peak at the latest Ballard Designs catalog and completely fell in love with these mercury glass tealight holders:
And then I had to do some searching online for other new mercury glass items out there and found these gorgeous pumpkins from Pottery Barn:And these folksy looking hurricanes:
and finally I zoomed back to reality that I don't have money to be buying anything mercury glass, I started to wonder if there was a cheaper way to make my own out of glass things I already have so I found this great post on Wedding Bee Pro- she made 35 different center pieces for a wedding using Looking Glass paint and silver leafing sheets- isn't it pretty?? Click the picture to go to her instructions.
I've earned some credit on Amazon (through a focus group I joined via Survey Savvy) and they didn't have any Looking Glass Paint but I ordered some silver metallic paint and we'll see how that turns out- I'll keep you posted. Let me know if you make something, I'm curious how hard it really is to make it look nice!

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Anonymous said...

I made some mercury glass. I painted a Patron tequila bottle. You HAVE to use looking glass paint (available at Michaels) and a solution of half water and half rubbing alcohol placed in a spray bottle. You paint, then spray the mixture, dab, do again. Mine turned out okay but I definitely need to practice more.