Sunday, August 02, 2009

I ♥ Etsy! Toy edition

I stayed up way too late last night exploring Etsy- I have a ton of things and sellers saved in my favorites, but I've actually only bought a couple things there. Miss E has a birthday coming up this month and I decided to try and find her presents there, support hand-made! I found a few sellers that make cute Barbie dresses that remind me of being a kid: and I was planning to buy this pancake set but it sold since last night dang it! and a bunch of cute things more for boys, including this stick horse: I absolutely adore these sock babies but I think she may be a little old for them:The seller makes smaller ones with bells sewn inside as rattles and they are SO cute! Have you found any great toys on etsy? I already have a dress for her, and I think I want to find one more thing... (and some new felt food since I missed out on the pancakes!)


Shauna said...

I haven't even looked for toys on Etsy but I LOVE that felt food!

Keri said...

Those sock dolls are SO cute! Of course all of those toys are super cute too. I may have to look at the barbie clothes, it's hard to find decent ones these days.

nate and amy crandell said...

I really like the rocking horse! I used to have one like that growing up. That would be cute in a baby's room :)