Thursday, August 06, 2009

I ♥ Etsy: part 2- general cool stuff

Did you notice I learned how to make hearts in HTML code? I ♥ hearts, and need to think of more reasons to use them! Anyways, here's a few other really cool things I stumbled on when I got side tracked from my etsy toy searching! Click pictures below to go to the seller's shop.
Yava Glass takes used glass bottles and "up-cycles" them into new things, like these cute drinking glasses:I really think my new baby will need these ingenious stickers from "PickyStickie"
They are printed on clear sticker paper, and sized just right to fit on the tummy of a white onesie for you to photograph your baby each month- smart! They have even cuter ones for girls.LoranScruggs shop takes old tin and turns it into really cool things, like this whistle and the Almond Roca bunny below:This Princess Leia knit hat is awesome- Becky, I know Jeramy wants you to get it, she's currently sold out but it looks like a big seller, I'll bet she gets some more in there soon!


bkbills said...

OK, that made me laugh. Who is the seller on that one? I have to send it to Jeramy! He will laugh his head off. Now if I can just find that nasty metal bra I'd be all set. Love the stickers too!

Shauna said...

Did you see the unicorn hat that princess leia lady knits? I'm laughing so hard.