Saturday, June 02, 2007

My other favorite girls

I'm back. 4 days of dirt and sun and giggles and singing and spiritual boosts and staying up too late and BUGS and ALLERGIES (or maybe a miserable little cold) I am glad to be home, and also glad that I went to camp! I truly love all these girls and am so glad that I get to work with them- I never thought I would enjoy being in Young Women's so much. It was even better because of the ladies I got to hang out with, (Mairsy, Holly and Shannon) and our afternoon Dr. Pepper/Diet Pepsi breaks, and really super good food! I was mistaken for a girl rather than a leader a few too many times though- any suggestions on how to get the grown ups to take me seriously next year?


Shauna said...

Hey the "What Not To Wear" last night addressed just that issue - a teacher who blended in with her 12-year old students. But the solution involved fancy clothes and make-up, probably not gonna work for camp. I don't think blending in with YW is a bad thing though! So do you like camp better as a leader or better when you were in YW? And is Sippin' Cider still your favorite song?

Chris & Christy said...

Hey Katie, thanks for commenting on my blog...I get so excited everytime I get a new blog friend. Ofcourse Chris looks the same, I'm pretty sure he probably weighs the same too...a constant 145 since 9th grade:) Anyway, your girls are so cute!! and so are you :)

Laura said...

Ahhh I want to go camping with Mairsy, Holly, Shannon and you! How fun! I bet you ladies had a blast...and how lucky for the girls to have such awesome leaders!!