Saturday, June 02, 2007

Before Girls Camp

I spent a lot of time here over Memorial Day weekend- I read New Moon (sequel to Twilight and I LOVED it) and got caught up on a few magazines and it was wonderful! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend- Miss G and Miss B got to take turns with the camera too and they got some fun ones.
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Shauna said...

That looks so nice & relaxing. I'm still waiting for our library to get "New Moon." Emma looks so cute in her little pink dress.

Becky said...

how fun! :) your girls are adorable. I just want to squeeze Gracie! oh..i forgot to tell you! Bella decided tonight at the party that Mylie looked like pig and called her little piggy. hee.hee. it was funny!

rachel said...

hey katie---random question, but do you have the book baby wise? i thought i remember you telling me you use it. if you do, can i borrow it? my baby is not being wise right now.