Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How Clean is Your House?

Have you seen this show? I just discovered that I actually have the BBC America channel but my mom is obsessed with it. It's entertaining. These 2 ladies go into these DISGUSTING houses and help the people get them cleaned. This show is not for those with an active gag reflex. I watched it today for the first time and I did feel much better about the condition of my home, and also I felt the need to get some cleaning done. And I was especially glad that I don't have any inside animals.


Shauna said...

Haven't seen that one but TLC has a knock-off. They always copy BBC's shows. I love the BBC Channel but we don't get it here, bummer!

Jason, Sara & Oakley said...

Katie!!! I'm so glad you found me. Jones' Cleaners could have definately used these ladies! Yuck, it was soooo dirty. I'll have to look for this show on TV, then I'll decide whether or not to mop today. So, I've read all of June's posts, and have a few comments. 1. Lucky! I wish I got mistaken for a girl at camp! 2. You are so such the crafter - I want to take lessons. Adorable invites and cake! 3. You can get couches reupholstered by the prison (I know, sounds scary) for cheap. They do an amazing job too. 4. Your family is beautiful, how fun to have girls! And, relating to a comment #1, you haven't aged at all. Lucky.
Anyhow, sorry for a long comment, but I'm excited to hear from you, I actually was thinking about you a few weeks back at my Aunt Sandra's funeral, hoping to see you there, because I was wondering what you were up to. Now I know!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

This show creeps me out! After i watch it I go bleach everything! lol ;)

melmck said...

I've never seen that but it sounds like the only thing I'm missing is a guilt trip. P.S. You are the most crafy woman in the blogoshpere!

Jason, Sara & Oakley said...

I watched the show and loved it! I did feel better about my house, but then did go and wipe out all my window sills because I wanted to be able to remember the last time I'd ever done it, instead of, "I don't think I know if it's ever been cleaned."

Okay, so here's the info on couch reuppholstery. Um, it's called Arizona Correctional Industries (602-272-7600) and it's the inmates who do the work, but they're learning it for a trade so that they have a skill when they get out, and they get graded on it and so they do a really good job. So, call there and ask for customer service. The customer service people are not inmates, and that's who you deal with through the whole process (I dealt with Georgia, she was very nice, but horrible about calling me back or calling when things were done, so I might use someone else and hope for more reliability.) So, basically, you drop off your couch to a place in Phoenix and the lady inmates unload it for you and then they send it to the workers in I think Florence, and then the Florence people check it out and quote a price and then your customer service person calls you and asks you if you want to go for it or not.
Oh, When you first talk to the customer service person, they will mail or fax the paperwork stuff to you to fill out to bring with you when you bring your couch. Basically, it's where you tell them what you want it to look like. So, I just gave them a picture out of a pottery barn catalog and they made my 3 cushion fluffy throw pillow back couch into a sleek two cushion bottom and two cushion back with little square feet that could be right out of the catalog. It was amazing! It cost like $300 for the work and I got the material at Mesa Sales for like $100 (The inmates said they needed 16 yards, or you can get the material through them and it might be cheaper.) So, for $400 I have a brand new couch that looks like it one from PB for $1699. It seriously is amazing, they did piping and totally reshaped the whole thing. They said they use all new cushions and fillers and wood, so I don't actually know what they use from the original couch.

Sorry so long winded, but it's a lot of info. Oh, and I can't end before telling one funny story, we dropped off the couch on Halloween and I was so happy that the lady inmates were all wearing orange for the holiday, then Jason pointed out that it was the prison uniform. :(
Email me if you have any more questions.

Sara said...

I think they were on Oprah once, a while back, and it was quite disturbing to see some of the environments people lived in. It was actually very sad! These ladies are funny! I bet the show would be a good one!