Friday, June 15, 2007

CraftyChica Resin Magnets and an explosion

I was watching the news this morning and they had Kathy Cano Murillo- aka the Crafty Chica on and she showed how to make these awesome resin magnets! (borrowed the pic from her website)I tried to make some a few years ago but I didn't seal the images with craft glue before I poured the resin on and they didn't turn out nearly as cute as hers so I can't wait to try some more! She is also hosting a cruise- how fun! Click this banner button to find out about it.
NOW, for the explosion! Ok, I sat down here at my laptop this morning to post about Crafty Chica when suddenly I heard a LOUD BOOM- some kind of an explosion and I crouched down and looked out the window to the left and saw a fire ball coming at me I closed my eyes and waited for the burning. (no, I don't react well in emergencies) Well a second later, I realized I was still alive, and not on fire, so I opened my eyes and saw nothing out of the ordinary- no fire, no smoke, nothing. The horses were even standing around looking at each other. I tried to decide if I needed to call 911 first or gather my kids- I chose my kids- I ran to the stairs and yelled at them to come up here quick- they seemed unphased- like they hadn't even heard the explosion. (come to think of it, I never asked them) but I took them to the front of the house, and told them to wait there and I went back to the back window and looked out again, to see if I could see any part of my house on fire. Then I got my phone and called 911 and told them my story, and walked outside looking for any signs of fire or proof that I had actually seen and heard what I thought I had. No signs. At this point I'm starting to doubt my senses- am I insane? Is it possible that something in my brain snapped and made me experience this thing that didn't even happen? My heart was still pounding out of my chest when we went out front and I found my neighbor across the street running around because she had also seen the fire and heard the explosion, and then water had begun to flow up through her kitchen floor! Ok, I didn't imagine it. But we aren't quite sure what caused it. Other confusing evidence: a small fire burning in Ginger's yard down the street- she pulled up just after the explosion and saw it burning, but it was no big deal and burned itself out. There are some high voltage power lines that run along the back of our properties that may have had something to do with it? Sam did some exploring around and found a charred birdnest back near the back of Jessica's property (next door, and in the direction I saw the fireball coming from.) Anyways, I already am not exactly sure what the fire ball looked like, or even if it was a ball of fire, and I'm not sure how it sounded. I am quite relieved that this was not a creation of my imagination, and that no one got hurt! What an exciting morning!


Sarah's Nonsense said...

Wow, Katie. That's a big morning. How strange. Is someone looking into it? Did the police come out to check it out or did they decide you were alright on the phone and didn't need a visit?

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

oh my goodness that is so scary! Glad you guys are okay. what happened to the neighbors kitchen?

melmck said...

that is insane! i don't know how i would react in a situation like that. i'm glad everyone is ok now. be sure to update if you figure out what on earth that could have been.

Shauna said...

That is freaky!!! Do you think someone was having some fun scaring your neighborhood? Seriously I got goosebumps over here.

On a side note - post pics of your resin magnets when you do em!


SO cute magnets! :) love em! i heard about the freaking explosion yesterday! YIKES! Glad everyone is okay.

KatieJ said...

They did send an officer out- when he got there, me, my neighbor, and my mother in law were all out there , and then Ginger drove over, and Kirstin drove over, and the poor guy was looking at us ladies like we were insane. He asked us if we had ever heard of M-80's! He just looked confused. He did drive around and wander around behind our house for a while trying to find something, but there was nothing to find. And it was hot.

Crafty Chica said...

hi katie!
thank you for posting about my magnets!!! let me know if you have any resin questions, i'll be glad to help!!

and thank goodness you and your family are OK, i would have FREAKED if i heard that. you seemed like you stayed really calm, that is a good thing!!!!

have a super weekend and thanks again!
kathy :-)