Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesdays are my favorite

Gilmore Girls is the "chick flick" of television shows- if you don't watch it, you should! Tuesday's at 7 on the CW. It's got lots of conversation, it's silly, it's sweet, it's romantic and it's so funny! I want to live in Stars Hollow.
Another good thing about Tuesday, Veronica Mars is back next week!
And evidence that my life doesn't revolve around TV, Tuesday is the day before Wednesday, when I get to plan what I will be doing for "Grandma Day." Four whole hours to do whatever I want while the girls play with Grandma! Tuesday is like Christmas Eve.


Tim King said...

Re: GG. Yes! Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that you'll either hate or you'll get hopelessly addicted to. (Love me. Hate me. Ain't worth nothin' inbetween.) It's definitely a show worth checking out, for anyone who hasn't seen it before.

About a month ago, I loaned my parents my season-one DVD's. Now, they have jobs and lives. They're not TV junkies. They just wanted something "different" to try, and they knew I loved GG. Since then, they've been going through my DVD's at about a season per week. This past weekend, I brought over season 5. They're going to run out of episodes pretty soon!


Stephanie said...

oh, mike hates it when i watch gilmore girls! but i watch it anyway, and because he loves me, he watches it, too.