Monday, April 23, 2007

2 Important Birthdays

In my family, April 23 is a day known and celebrated as William Shakespeare's birthday! (also, notably, the day he died) My mom has an unusual obsession with all things England and Shakespeare and she put together a fun, cute dinner party. Miss B is helping her keep her Wench costume clean:
We each got our own menu, place mats with a map of England, the head of Shakespeare on a popsicle stick, (a fan perhaps?) a fact sheet, excerpts of some famous plays, and my very favorite, a guide to hurling Shakespearean insults. [read with your best olde English accent] "Thou paunchy fly-bitten lewdster! Thou churlish dizzy-eyed varlet!" This was the activity of choice while we feasted on smashed pea soup, Cornish Game Hens, ("Mom! this chicken has BONES in it!"--Miss B) and for desert, Sticky Toffee Pudding- a very delicious dinner in the garden.Some people who haven't met my mom think I'm creative, but my mom only passed a very little bit of her creativity onto me. When we arrived, we got to print our own Romeo and Juliet Playbills, and there was some kind of trivia game that we were all useless at. The boys got some swords and the girls got to wear pretty flower wreaths on our heads. (we ended up with a couple swords too)
Unfortunately I didn't have my camera but my brother David graciously allowed me to use some of his pictures. Those are my cute nephews.
On my husband's side of the family, April 23 is Jackie's birthday! This picture is a bit old but it's the most recent I could find- Happy Birthday Jackie! Isn't she beautiful??
She was the lucky (HA!) recipient of this little card kit- I kind of copied some of the items from the last Love Notes class and I like these ones better.
Get to bed thou tottering idle-headed malt-worm! Ok.


Sarah's Nonsense said...

I absolutely ADORE the fact that you went to a birthday for William Shakespeare! That is too fun. I've yet to think of any really interesting traditions to force my children to love for the rest of their lives! That's probably the best I've ever heard. Well, at least it's my favorite!

melmck said...

that's amazing and hilarious! i can't even remember the last time i thought about shakespeare. it's good to know he's still being remembered!

Shauna said...

K weird I swore I left a post this morning but maybe I forgot to enter the secret code. Anyway... that party sounds awesome! I like celebrating obscure holidays (though I haven't found my special one yet) and I love how your mom gets so into things!

Ginger Elizabeth John said...

Your mom is amazing. Seriously so are you. You have all sorts of cool things you come up with.

-Jackie is gorgeous I love that picture.

and last but NOT least. Your cards were awesome. You go Katie!!