Sunday, April 01, 2007

And the rest of the weekend...

Tonight we had my parents and little brother over for dinner. It was fun to cook a "real" complete meal that people will actually eat. I made some really yummy rolls with a recipe from Ashley. I haven't figured out how to make them pretty yet- when Ashley makes them they are beautiful. I always get a few that look like scorpion tails. And for desert a yummy Chocolate Pudding Cake. It tastes better than it looks- like a crusty brownie oozing warm chocolate pudding.
Saturday after the boys went to their Priesthood meeting and the kids were in bed, Kyle and Ashley came over for a late night game of Progressive Rummy- I totally lost.
Friday we watched the kids while Kyle and Ashley went out. A few hours with sweet baby Lilly gave me a touch of baby fever, but a reminder of why I am not quite ready for another one.


Shauna said...

YUM that food looks good. You need to post those recipes!

CHEL said...

You had me with the rolls... but that chocolate cake pudding stuff sure looks yummy!