Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Hike

Sam is full of good ideas and so we spent the first day of the New Year on a little hike around the Superstition Mountains. The girls were great- surprisingly there was almost no complaining and they really seemed to love it.
Even the plain ham and cheese sandwiches we packed for lunch tasted really good out there. We took a little 1.5 mile trail around a mountain. Miss E got a little heavy but Sam carried her most of the time. Thanks to Jessica for letting us borrow her Hip Hammock to carry Miss E!

One of my hopes for this blog is that I will be more motivated to finish projects to share on here so here's something I made for myself and I loved it so much I made one for my mother-in-law for Christmas too. It's a birthday reminder book. We made it in the Love Notes class at the scrapbook store last month. Each page has numbers for each day of the month and you put the person's name on the line on their birthdate. Then that page is attached to a large envelope where you place the card you want to send them. If you're birthday is in August I haven't forgotten, I just haven't filled it out yet!

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