Sunday, January 28, 2007

I am married to the strongest man in the world!

My husband just tore a phone book in half. Yes that's right. Well, it wasn't one of the HUGE ones, but still probably 2" thick. These are the things you can learn surfing the internet! I've been out of the blogging mood this week- I couldn't think of anything to talk about and I didn't really finish anything until this weekend. Miss B put on her train conductor hat and put a beaded purse around her neck the other day and came to ask me if she looked "cool." I told her she did, and snapped a couple photos and had fun making this layout for them:
I did finally get out the paint get busy on a couple things I've been putting off- I covered a piece of metal to make a magnet board for my kitchen:

And made some X's and O's for Valentines- I think they need something else- maybe ribbon or ric rac? Any creative minds have suggestions for me?

I have discovered that spray adhesive works much better than Modge Podge for stuff like this. It doesn't bubble up and wrinkle the paper at all. I think I will spray the top of the letters with some kind of clear paint to protect them a little. These are just the wood letters from Michael's or the scrapbook store.


Shauna said...

Wow I didn't know you had all this craftiness in you! Since I'm not a crafter, not sure if my opinion counts but those X's and O's are pretty dang cute as they are.

Laura said...

What kind of spray adhesive did you use?
Really cute! They look really, super cute plain...simple says a lot! But if you add something you have to show a picture.

Simone said...

I'm on the I SPY blog with Laura, you, and the rest of the gang --
I love those X's & O's!!! They're awesome! What a great idea for V day!

And your little girl is totally adorable!!

Jennifer said...

Hi, I am on the I spy blog too. I love the letters. I also loved your 'series of tubes' referral. You have to check out this music video that uses that speech. here is a link.

Jennifer said...

Okay, I thought it would do a link, but I tried to click it and it didn't work. maybe you can just copy and paste it.

Anonymous said...

glitter or diamonds would look really cute!

Anonymous said...

opps that's from me- I'm retarded and can't figure out how to sign in :)-GINGER