Monday, January 08, 2007

If it's free, I'll take it

Something I neglected to include in my little bio on here, is that I'm a freebie junkie. I'm also a sucker for a good deal. I saw an Oprah one time about people having financial problems and one husband said "My wife's biggest problem is a four letter word: S-A-L-E." I think my husband could say the same for me. I cannot shop at Target without dropping $10 on "Dollar Spot" items! I love scouring the clearance racks or sifting through things at Ross, Big Lots or Tuesday Morning to find good deals. I think I am getting better about passing on things I don't need though but it's difficult. This passion of mine led me to Coupon Sense. They track the coupons that come in the Sunday paper and a lot of the printable online coupons with a handy numbering system, and then match them up to the items as they go on sale at the grocery store. Here's my coupon file:There are free things every week and lots of other good deals. It is now painful for me to pay more than $1 for a jar of pasta sauce, $1.50 for Cascade, or pay anything at all for toothbrushes and toothpaste. In fact, I get so much of those things free that I can donate a lot to food & supply drives throughout the year. (also cheaper brands of hair products and deoderant that we don't use) Another great thing about Coupon Sense is the message board- I used to spend too much time online searching for freebies and good deals but that's silly, and unneccessary with CS because people post the freebies and good deals they find right there. I can't share all the stuff on there because that would be stealing, but today I found a free razor- here's the link if you're interrested: Now you can never say you don't get anything from reading my blog. You're welcome.


Shauna said...

Woo hoo I'm getting a free razor! nor

Sarah said...

Hey! I totally had a file like that once upon a time. Alas my coupon sense days have ended. I'm pretty sure they don't cover this area. But I was never as dedicated to the cause as you are, Katie. I frequently didn't grocery shop for weeks at a time and even more often than not...only visited one or two grocery stores when I did go shopping. (GASP!)

I agree getting things for free gives a warm and fuzzy feeling that just can't be duplicated in any other fashion. There's no use trying.

Remember to miss me tomorrow when ya'll gather for girls' night at the movies. Wish I was there. I'll try to think really hard about evolving into a mutant with wings overnight. If I'm successful I'll see you at the theatre. Harkins or AMC?