Friday, March 13, 2009

Food Storage Friday #5

Today we're talking 72 hour kits! If you live somewhere disaster prone you better have these already, and even if you don't they are a good idea. If something should happen and you had to load up and leave, it would be nice to have all the basics together and ready to throw in the car. The Red Cross and FEMA recommend gathering 3 days (72 hours) of supplies. You can buy them basically ready made (take some of your tax refund money!) or put together your own. We have a backpack for each member of our family, packed and ready near the garage. (ok so we're one short since our family has grown this last year but I'll make that a priority!) There are tons of lists online, this website has a lot of good ideas to get you going: Remember that it's an ongoing process- gather what you have, and make a list of what you need and add to it as you can. Plan a time once or twice a year to go through and check what you have, replace expired food and outgrown clothes etc. I try to remember to do this the first weekend in April and October. (General Conference weekends) Free samples are all over the internet and are perfect to throw in your kits rather than buying travel sizes of everything. Walmart's website always has a few samples you can get HERE and the Dove website also usually has something, HERE. You can get the kids involved in this stuff too- Homeland Security has a website for kids with activities and games and ideas for them to help out too, click HERE.
I've been in a blogging funk- don't give up on me! I have big plans- my first giveaway coming up next week and it's a good one!


nate and amy crandell said...

thanks katie! I always get excited to hear all your good tips! now I'm really excited about this prize week!

Shauna said...

hey lady...thanks for the website links!

Keri said...

I love that you do this. Now that we live in a state that is natural disaster central, I need to really make it a priority, especially before hurricane season comes again.