Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Turn

I've been hesitant to post about this because I don't know the Nielsons personally but my life has been touched by reading NieNie's blog so I feel the need to say something on mine. If you haven't already heard, Stephanie and her husband were critically injured in a private plane crash last weekend and are in the burn unit fighting for their lives. They are parents to 4 beautiful children and they need our help. To be inspired and get to know her, read her blog HERE. Hers was one of the first blogs I ever read and she is one of the mothers who have truly inspired me to work harder to change some of my attitudes towards motherhood and homemaking. Through her short sweet blog entries I realized that in her blog she exemplified the type of mother I wanted to be, and that the direction towards becoming that kind of mother, was to change my attitude. (I need that reminder on a regular basis) One day I spent a couple hours reading the archives back to the very beginning- one of the stories I best remember is of one of her girls camp experiences, when she was a teenager with very short boy hair. It is hearbreaking and funny- I knew I liked her by the time I read it. Click HERE for the whole story. She's a bit of a celebrity in my blog world- it seems like everyone I know reads her blog, and a lot of people I know in real life actually know her in real life and I believe them when they say she is really the person we know from her blog. I've only met her once, I ran into her at a Target and probably freaked her out a little when I introduced myself as a "fan!" Anyways, it's weird how I can feel like I know and love someone who I really only know through this miracle of the internet, but if you are reading this you probably know how I feel! They need lots of prayers and if you can donate any money they will certainly need that as well. Nie doesn't have a counter on her blog but I would be willing to bet there are hundreds, if not a thousand or more people who read her somewhat regularly, and what a difference it would make if all of us could donate even $5! I put the button with a PayPal link on the right hand side of my blog if you feel so inclined.


stephanie said...

i've been able to think of little else since i heard the news. stephanie is so special. you have written such a lovely tribute to her.

Ann said...

thank you for posting that. i have wondered about who was in that plane accident and it was so interesting to read her blog. what an incredible family. i have spent some time in the burn unit with my son beau and i understand a liitle about burns and how hard they are to recover from. anyone who can should donate and ofcourse pray for them and their family.

Shauna said...

ya seriously if they aren't on the front of my mind they're always in the back of it. i have lost sleep over this...thinking how hard it would be to be trapped in a non-functioning body and just aching to hold my kids. i don't know how conscious she is and tami my sister told me when jay was 12% burned he was heavily sedated and doesn't remember anything. so she's i'm sure so out of it but it's just so sad to think about.