Friday, August 08, 2008

How could he not be my favorite right now?

And I love all of my kids equally really, but he is the absolute definition of "bundle of joy" right now. A total ball of happiness- he fusses when he's hungry, wet or tired, and that's about it. He looks at me like I'm the most wonderful thing in the entire world, and every time I pick him up you'd think I just saved his life by the way he smiles and snuggles. He sleeps all night, lets his sisters shove toys in his face (to an extent) and doesn't ever talk back to me! I had to document the little "rubberband wrists" and then I couldn't leave out the chubby feet and tummy too!
If you like these digital scrapbook pages, you can download them free from the Live Out Loud Scraps blog HERE. I feel like it's cheating a little bit to use pre-made pages, but these were so cute! Thanks to "dodo" whoever that is for making them to share.


stephanie said...

oh katie, he is so cute!

Katie said...

He is adorable! I'm so excited to feel that overwhelming
unconditional love from a sweet baby again!

Leslie said...

I'm sure he will stay just as sweet natured as he is now. He is such a happy child!

Shauna said...

Love that top picture. Such a cute kid!