Monday, January 14, 2008

PB Teen Downloads

I am a sucker for free downloads, and pretty designs so I was excited to find these cute downloadable things on the The Pottery Barn Teen website- like this cute note card: and this screensaver: Click HERE to get these and check out all the other fun stuff they have.


Shauna said...

If you could just send me your hard drive with everything you've downloaded I'd appreciate it. Very cute.

emidinkl said...

Seriously. You are the hub to find cute stuff. Keep 'em coming!
No worries about anything our husbands chat about. Roger chuckles about my blogging all the time I know it. Besides, no one felt harrassed. Boys will be boys right? ; )

mrs. r said...

darling card! i had no idea that you could download stuff on PB teen.

great ideas on here.