Monday, January 21, 2008

Harsh Chemicals and Pregnancy

I'll try not to post too many boring pregnancy things, but I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else. These things make my mouth water- I literally crave the smell of harsh chemicals when I'm pregnant! Don't worry, I'm not going to injest any of them, and I'm not huffing them or anything, but I think my kitchen sink does get a little extra scrubbing when I'm pregnant because I look forward to the smell! Is this totally strange?


Shauna said...

Yes! Totally strange.

melmck said...

i looove the smell of Tide and Gain. i don't have an extra need for the smell during pregnancy but when i was little, i used to run my hands through the tide box and smell them over and over. that makes me strange which makes you totally normal. some women eat dirt when they are pregnant. they are just plain crazy. which make you completely normal. shauna!

Rachel said...

i have to admit i've never felt that way. my vote it you're strange too. :) at least it causes your house to be clean!

sherry said...

I know this is an old post, so you may not read it but hopefully you do.

You have PICA, which is common in pregnancy. You are probably low in iron. It may still register in the normal range on a blood test, but try taking iron pills and see if it helps.

It really helped me! (My whole family craves dirt when we are pregnant. It is the same problem.) Good luck! Love your cute blog!