Thursday, November 19, 2009

So are you going tonight??

If so I'm jealous! I am planning on being in the hospital having a baby, and if I'm not, I'm going to be REALLY jealous! This baby is taking his time and already giving me trouble- PAINFUL contractions every night since Monday, but not enough of them to send me to the hospital. (just enough to have me waking up miserable all night) And so the happy pregnant lady is no more, my family is stuck with the tired, irritable version of me. I found the New Moon version of Sweethearts yesterday at Walmart and they make me smile. I can justify buying them (even thought he candy is disgusting) since I can't get lifesize Cardboard Cutout Edward, or my own little Pocket Edward. (term coined by BusyBeeLauren )
So if you are going, enjoy yourself! I wish I had tickets now!


melmck said...

i wish that baby could just wait and you and i would totally take you for your baby's birthday present.

Shauna said...

I wish I had thought earlier to get you cardboard cutout Edward to take to the hospital.

Good luck!

Kasey said...

Halla! I'll be there!

Good luck on the baby!

Tami Allred said...

I won't be there but 2 of my early morning seminary kids are going and they promised me they'd be in class in the morning. we'll see.
Good luck with the new baby.

Lindsey said...

You better believe I'm going to see my boyfriend Edwardo tonight! But I'll be thinking of you and your baby Hans Solo:) Good luck lady, can't wait to meet him!