Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween '09

Can you see the resemblance?

The only thing I had to buy for Halloween this year were her Ruby Slippers.
Posing for the camera, of course! And you know I love my printable, iron on transfers, I found the picture online and ironed it to a stained shirt! (that's cream soda in my hand in case you were concerned)

I'm not generally a fan of my "mantle" in the first place, but it just wasn't looking right this year so I had no problem letting the kids put up their creations! During our long week and a half of everyone being sick, we found these "face parts" on Family Fun and the kids cut them out and glued them on paper pumpkins, then they went crazy making ghosts and other stuff. I liked them!


nate and amy crandell said...

haha I love all the costumes!!! yours and charlie's are so funny :) and thank you so much for the gift that's the cutest onesie!!!

Shauna said...

I love Charlie as the Hulk! That costume is perfect. All the costumes are awesome...and I love your skeleton baby.

Leslie said...

Charlie is just to smiley to be the Hulk but he was sure cute!

Staci said...

I love all your costumes..you are so creative.

melmck said...

i think you had the best costume!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh, that baby skeleton shirt rocks. And I'm lovin' the Hulk. They were all adorable.