Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm supermom!

Lyndsay said so- go see my guest blogger post on her blog about how to be a thrifty mom HERE. If you haven't heard, it's 2009 now and being thrifty is SO in. Thanks again Lyndsay!


stephanie said...

you did a great job, katie!

Emily Ruth said...

I wanted to post my comment here too--cause who doesn't like nice comments?
Katie, thank you for your
Supermom post. It was clear, concise and unintimidating. I might actually use more of my coupons now. Hmm. imagine that.

Shauna said...

You ARE supermom. Great post! I learned some new tips, I want to sit down with you one day when you're doing your menu/couponing so I can learn more. And you should post your menus/recipes.

melmck said...

awesome supermom-ness. it was great! thanks for the advice and tips.