Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another grocery savings tip

I recently discovered that there is an Alpine Valley Bread bakery in my town and they make really good bread with all natural ingredients, and I especially love that it has no high fructose corn syrup. (because I get enough of that in my Dr. Pepper!) They always have some discount bread that's close to it's "sell by" date for $1 and even stuff for $.50! The selection is always different, sometimes they have rolls, or hamburger buns too, but I got all the bread in the picture for $4! If you double bag it, it can be frozen for a while and taste perfect. Anyways, find out if there is a bread bakery near where you live and see if they have discounted "day old" bread, because you know it's at least a few days old when you get it at the grocery store anyways, and it costs $3-$4 a loaf there.
So with all that bread, can you guess what we had for lunch?
I had grilled cheese (on multigrain- YUM!) but Miss E just wanted CHEESE with RANCH and a pickel. I figured the orange juice kind of rounded it out...


Shauna said...

I really like that picture for some the increase of family pictures! That bread looks yum-my.

Lady Bardfan said...

Fruit, vege, milk group, yep it works for me. That is more than most kids get in one meal!