Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I love my Monday Morning Motivator e-mails

I get a weekly e-mail from Hannah Keeley- it's called the Monday Morning Motivator and it is great- I swear almost every week it's like she's been spying on my life and is writing exactly what I need to hear! I think I've blogged about her before, but I just wanted to share the summary of yesterday's e-mail, I wish I had actually read it yesterday because it would have been even more timely! Her daughter had made a "salad" out of the leaves of her houseplants, and had totally stripped one bare. It seemed a total loss but she kept watering it and soon it was growing back, better than ever. She thought it reminded her of herself at times: "All of the pride and ego that I have a tendency to hold on to is no match for my children. They can bring me to points in my life where the only direction I can go is up, and they push me to those new levels. When I need patience, they challenge me and help me develop it. When I need comfort, they push me and help me replace my need for comfort with character that can cope. When I have fears, they make me face them. When my vision is clouded with ego, they wipe it clean. No, it's not comfortable. Pruning never is; and it often takes away those parts of us that we often depend on. But when we are challenged, and when we rise to meet those challenges, it brings out a beauty that we never knew we had in us. They fill us out. They green us up. They make us better people." Anyways, if you want the whole article, let me know and I"ll forward it to you. And I highly recommend all moms CLICK HERE and sign up for her e-mails!
Ok, now I think I can unlock my bedroom door and go back to being an effective mom again!


Rachel said...

i am going to sign up for those emails. i need them! and i laughed that you're in your room with the door locked. i keep telling louie i need a lock on my door!

Laura said...

I signed up...can't wait to get them!~
How funny, you're locked in your room....love it! Did I mention how dang cute you looked on Sunday?! So cute...pregnant!

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

Oh wow...you even got real tears tonight! Send me the article too please. You rock! Love ya katy