Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More cards, advent calendars and cheap printing options

I haven't been able to make time to read any blogs lately, let alone update my own! But if you have been checking to see if I've updated lately, I'm sorry! My body has clicked over to "new baby" schedule- where I fall asleep the minute my kids are in bed, and then wake up sometime during the night (on the cold couch!) till I can get back to sleep in my own bed! Tonight when I woke up I got stuck here going through e-mails so I thought I'd do a quick post of some of the things I've been thinking about. First, I found these great photo cards from the Shutterfly Digital Scrapbook advisory team that you can download and add your pictures to. If you're still trying to figure out Christmas cards, click HERE to check them out, or use them in your digital scrapbook layouts as frames! You can get them printed at Shutterfly or anywhere. Also, I get obsessed with advent/countdown calendars (but I should mention, 11 days into December and mine hasn't been touched yet! :-( But Jessica Sprauge had some AWESOME ideas of an easy one to make yourself, plus some fun ideas of Christmassy things to do each day! I love it! Maybe next year I will be more organized... Also a list of scriptures that you can read each day. Click HERE for instructions to make her cute calendar and get her fun ideas. I borrowed this picture from her site- isn't it fun?
Sam lost my camera hunting this weekend, so no pictures till we decide to buy a new one, or invest in fixing one of the old beat up ones! But I *almost* finished with the family photo advent calendar I started last year (how sad!) Here is the one I did for my sister in law last year if you didn't read my blog back then- I used different papers and colors on mine. I hope I will have pictures soon!
Finally, I just re-discovered Vista Print and am very excited to try them. I know I had a couple things printed there before, a notepad and some post-its once, but I discovered they have incredible prices for printing cards, calendars, t-shirts and lots of other cool stuff! I will try uploading some things and post again when I see how the quality is, but if you want to check it out now, click HERE and get 25% off your first order!


Shauna said...

Man I was so excited about the shutterly templates but I don't have any programs that open them. Bummer!

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

I absolutely love your advent calendar. I am still working on the same FHE project for 3 years!!!! I will show you when I get down to AZ. I actually mailed it to Ginger's house so yall can give me some ideas on how to get the dang thing finished!

Jill said...

That is the CUTEST avent calender I've ever seen. You need to start a business selling those!!!