Friday, October 26, 2007

I have a blog!

I forgot about it a little bit this week, but decided I had to post again when I saw this cute FREE digital kit from Shabby Princess:
Even if you don't do the digital scrapbooking thing, this is cute clip art to have on hand for whatever.
Other things I've considered blogging about:

I saw these ribbon ornaments in the Pottery Barn catalog and I want to try and make some, they are so cute! The holiday catalogs are coming and they are so fun to look at- I'm totally coveting this advent calendar from Ballard- if you see anything similar for much less, let me know! (this one is $100- way out of my budget, especially for a decoration!) Don't you love that polka dot wall behind it too?

Ok and finally, this brilliant idea also from Ballard, turn any chandellier into a crystal chandellier temporarily with these magnetic crystal drops! Choose your color and add some sparkle- how fun.

I just got a call from the party mom at school informing me that the class Halloween party is today, and she never called anyone to help or bring things so I have to get busy! Pictures soon to follow of the neighborhood carnival tonight, we are excited!


Shauna said...

a) Those ornaments are so cute.
b) LOVE that advent calendar. Restoration Hardware has an awesome one, too... wait until after Christmas and maybe they'll go on 1/2 off?
c) And the crystal chandellier is way cool, too. Now I just need a chandellier.

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

oooh I totally want those chandelier magnets. That is awesome!I still don't quite understand digital scrapbooking. I am sure Ginger will enlighten me when I get to Mesa for Christmas. :)

Britt and Jon said...

Hey Katie-
I have been a frequent visitor to your blog for inspiration. I added your blog link to my blog site so my friends can visit you too!
Have a great evening!

Atwater Family said...

Hey. Random person here. Have you done a scrapbook page with the Harvest Spice kit yet? I did and it's on my blog. If you have you should post it. I like to see other people's styles :) It's fun for me lol. I love Shabby Princess!

Sarah's Nonsense said...

Fun ideas. I'll have to check out that shabby princess stuff. I like to have it around for projects and the like...

And I love that polka dot wall. I wonder if it's wallpaper or if it's painted.