Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dang Etsy!

Etsy was mentioned today and I've subsequently been sucked into a trance- look at these great things! (click pictures for links)
Tracy Chong's pop-up cards:
This adorable Halloween pin by Daena Ortego:
And am I the only mom who hates when you are trying to give quick baths before you go out and the kids soak your clothes? This is a GREAT idea.


Sarah's Nonsense said...

I think my favorite is the Halloween pin. I'm off to check them out on Etsy.

Katie said...

I'm sad you didn't go you bum!!!

Meredith said...

Hi! yeah, where were you? I thought you were going to go! we missed ya!

Sara said...

Seriously. I need that towel apron!!!! Genius.