Sunday, October 14, 2007

Grosse Pointe Blank

Ok this movie is the reason I didn't go to my 10 year reunion. High School Katie would probably have been disappointed by 28 year old Katie for not going but here's my story. I was not considering going, then one day last year Sam and I busted out the year books and I was looking through mine and remembered all these people I liked! I guess I did have friends even though I didn't hang out much and I realized I would like to say hi to a lot of people. So I thought I would go, until one night this movie was on TV. (It is really quite funny if you haven't seen it, weird too, but good.) But the guy goes to his 10 year reunion and it shows all these awkward conversations and small talk and I realized YUCK! That's probably exactly what it is like! I hate that! I find old friend's blogs and it takes me a few weeks to get the nerve to post a comment, what makes me think I would be comfortable talking to them in person! So I was absolutely not going, and Sam planned a hunting trip for the weekend. And that was that! Wednesday I suddenly decided I kind of did want to go, but since Sam was going to be gone, and Shauna too, I got over it. It sounds like it was fun though, maybe I'll be up for the 20 year?


Marijo said...

Hey Katie,

Thanks for saying HI! We just got back from the reunion and it was fun to see old friends, but I can relate to your blog too. It seems like everybody was pretty much the same. Your family is adorable and you look great! Keep in touch!!

Sara said...

You and Shawna! I think it will be really fun to see people I haven't since high school. But I hear ya on the small talk.

melmck said...

robby didn't remember until that night and i wasn't about to remind him if you weren't going! plus, most of his friends went to westwood and to that reunion so he wasn't diappointed at all.

Anonymous said...

You and I just didn't work out for me to fly from UT. Let's both go to the 20 and sit together, k?
:) Natalie