Thursday, September 13, 2007

Me + Sam

Sarah I am considering myself tagged, I have been struggling with blogging topics! Here's the beginning of Sam and I:

1. Where did you two meet?
We actually met twice- the first time, he was on a group date, and a friend of mine had to work, but he wanted to meet up with them later so he asked if I would go. (kind of "be my date for this un-date) I saw him standing in front of this Mexican restaurant next to Filibertos and felt all fluttery! We went to Kyle and Ashley's house (first time I met them) and we watched some really lame movie over there. I watched him through the whole movie to determine that the girl he was with was not his girlfriend, and then I tried to strike up a conversation on my way out. ME: "I like your hat." HIM: "Thanks- it matches my belt." (he reveals his superman belt that matches his superman hat.)
Now he has no memory of this conversation. (hmm, I wonder why?) So our next first meeting was the next day on my first visit to the singles ward where I joyously spied him right away and got to watch him through Sacrament Meeting and then stared at him until he noticed me, and started talking to me.

2- What was the first thing you said to him?
oops, I already answered that. I will make my answers shorter.

3- Where was your first date?
We went to Macaroni Grill for dinner, and then went and listened to Esteban. (you know, the guy who sells guitars on infomercials?) We doubled with his parents, his sister and her husband, and 2 other couples they were friends with. No pressure.

4- Where was your first kiss?
This is so sad! I need to go get out my journal because I am not sure! I bet it was my doorstep though...

5- How long did you date?
Four months before we were engaged

6- Did you have a long engagement?
I don't think so, it was 3 months.

7- Where did he propose?
Officially, with the ring and everything, we were waiting to eat at American Grill (I think it was called?) and we walked out to the fountain in front of the Bank of America building. He had slicked his hair and borrowed his dad's Corvette and everything. I was clueless. (isn't my scrapbooking of the event awesome??)

8- Where were you married?
The Mesa Temple.

9- How did the reception go?
It was long and I thought it looked pretty- I heard it was fun though- I was in a daze, and really hungry.

10- How was the honeymoon?
Fun! We went to San Francisco and got to wear jackets in July! And ate caesar salad every day.
Now if you're reading this, I'm tagging you! Go! Tell!


Sarah's Nonsense said...

I'm glad you considered yourself "tagged"! That sounds like a very high pressure first date to me. How did it go? Besides the long term results which I already know, of course!

Casey, Becky & Mylie said...

hee!hee! YA'LL LOOK SO SO SO YOUNG! I loved reading this! Thanks for sharing! Loved all the pics too!

Stephanie said...

strange, but i think i was at your reception (i was visiting mike before he left on his mission). if i remember correctly, it was lovely.

Shauna said...

ya your reception was fun! until you left and made me bawl! i thought you guys were the perfect little newlywed couple.

Rachel said...

i would go and share our story katie, but it wouldn't be as fun since we just barely got married compared to you guys. your "old" pictures are way more fun to look at than ours.

melmck said...

you guys are adorable! i could not love you two more. :)

Randall Family said...

So's fun to look back at how everything happened. You guys are a cute couple.

davidandsuzi said...

Katie, this was so fun to read and see the cute pictures of you and Sam! Thanks for sharing.

Blake & Alli said...

hi katie!

i just ran across your blog after finding ginger's.

just thought i'd say a quick hello and that i hope you guys are doing great.

i love the pictures of your girls and the blog on how you and sam met!