Monday, August 02, 2010

For all the mothers

I've told you of my admiration for Hannah Keeley before, she's so awesome!  You've got to sneak over there real quick and read her "5 Lies of Motherhood."  I won't do it justice if  I try to summarize it, but it's not long and I think every mom should read it!  It's so easy to buy into those lies, I think sometimes we all believe at least one or another on some level.  I know that for me, being a mom is it for me right now- this is what I am meant to be doing, and not out earning a paycheck.  I also know that being here at home, with my children, doesn't mean there are not plentiful opportunities for fun, joy, fulfillment or creativity so I am working to find them!  A favorite quote of mine from who knows where, is "Every woman is an artist, and her home is her canvas"  And to me, it's not just about home decorating, it's about creating a beautiful life inside your home.  We discussed this at church yesterday and I found out a woman in Relief Society with me is building a sail boat!  I think that's so awesome and inspiring!  Finally, I'm sure you've seen this but I can watch it over and over again and it's on topic so watch it again!


melmck said...

i LOVE the 5 lies of motherhood! it's so perfect! thank you so much for sharing it.

bkbills said...

I read those 5 lies and was shocked to see how parts of me has bought into some of those. Everyone should read those. Thanks for sharing!