Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Day of School Action

The girls started back to school this week- it started as a pretty typically exciting day, everyone woke up early and got ready super fast.  I was an extra nice mom and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and just as my house started to fill with the heavenly scent of warm cinnamon, we heard a quick knock at the door and everyone went running yelling "daddy!" and when they threw open the front door Sam was there, with a towel over his hand and in a quick, nervous voice he asked me to get his brother to take him to the hospital because he had cut his hand!  (I later found out it was actually stomped on by a horse)  I pushed the kids back inside and ran next door (where his brother lives) and while he was getting ready I ran back home and asked him how bad it was, and then he showed me, and said "could you get a bag for the rest of my finger."  (I won't show you that picture!) When I came back with the baggie he was laying on the garage floor and not answering my questions or really responding in any way, so I decided we needed an ambulance. (in an emergency, dialing 9-1-1 is all I'm good for anyways) He was either going into shock or a heat stroke, so I sent my brother in law back home, and then the next thing I know, Sam's in the shower, ignoring me telling him that the 911 operator wants him to get out of the shower and lay down immediately. 
Anyways, he was feeling a lot better by the time they arrived but we let them take him away and after a long day in the ER, and some time with a great plastic surgeon, I got my husband back (well 99% of him anyways) and he's on the road to recovery.
The kids did get to school only a few minutes late and had a great day.  My fabulous sister in law came over after school so I could go be with Sam for the rest of the day, and we came home that night to discover that somehow with all of my kids, plus hers, she had managed to do some serious cleaning and decluttering, fix everyone dinner, make my kitchen shine, give the boys baths, fold laundry, and probably like 10 other things I haven't noticed yet!  I'm looking forward to finding a new routine now that school is in and making more time for being creative and blogging! 


Shauna said...

Why am I wondering if you guys got to eat the cinnamon rolls? Like that's the most important thing of the morning. I'm sorry you lost 1% of your husband!

stephanie said...

holy cow, katie! what a day. glad sam is ok.

rachel said...

too bad louie didn't get to be the one to come help! i don't like those kinds of situations. i got all tense and nervous just reading it. hope sam is doing well. now i'll go tell louie. :)

Suzonne said...

Scary! I'm glad he was okay in the end.