Thursday, June 03, 2010

A movie to rent & watch this weekend

For you: Ewan McGregor and a little love story, for your husband, a lot of action and a little violence.  I had never heard of it but really liked it.
I didn't think I would like it, I was trying to ignore it on the TV behind me last night, and at one point informed Sam that he should be glad I wasn't watching because I would have a million questions, but about 10 minutes later I found myself totally into it.  And then I went to watch the beginning that I missed today, and finished the whole thing again!  So go rent The Island.
(I did get some laundry folded in case you're thinking I'm totally lazy!)


Lyndsay said...

Oh yeah! I saw this in Denmark of all places. I enjoyed it!

bkbills said...

I do not like Scarlett Johansen, but I did love this movie. Its on the list of ones I want to get.

melmck said...

I remember being pleasantly surprised by this movie. Miss you!