Wednesday, June 09, 2010


My husband would say that I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper, but I think worse is my mild fixation with the scrapbooking deal a day sites!  I really have to go check these sites first thing in the morning almost every day! 
Peachy Cheap
Flowers to Flourishes
Crafty Steals
Scrapbook Steals
Crop Chocolate
I have ordered from a few things from them too. I love getting a deal and I just have to check once a day and I'm good- Crop Chocolate however is a little different because they change deals throughout the day, randomly!  Plus, you can add something to your "LaCarte" and keep it there for a couple weeks before checking out, and add to it, and if you get up to $60, you get free shipping!!  So it's awesome, and dangerous.  All the other ones you have to buy it or it's gone.  I've had some good luck at Big Lots and Tuesday Morning finding great deals on supplies too. 

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davidandsuzi said...

That's how I feel about these "deal" blogs I'm obsessed with. How can I not be when I'm getting all sorts of things free? :)