Saturday, May 15, 2010

Food Storage Friday: No More Excuses 2

I know I'm late- I don't know when exactly, but life just got really busy!  We're wrapping up the school year and even the days are even flying by- but oh yea, no excuses!  Moving on to the next common excuse for not having a good food storage, and I can relate, NO MONEY.  My mom made it pretty much impossible for me to use this excuse though, because she lived on practically nothing for several years and stuck to a very strict budget but she always made sure to pick up at least an extra can or 2 of food to set aside.  That is do-able for anyone.  If you don't already have a working budget then you almost certainly are spending money without realizing it, so for a month keep track of every penny you spend, write it down, and see where you can sacrifice.  (For tips on saving money on groceries, see my "supermom" post HERE.)  See if you can take just $5-$10 a week to start and stock up on a good sale.  One week it might be canned beans, the next toothbrushes or spaghetti sauce etc.  When you get a little chunk of extra money, like a birthday, bonus or tax return, consider spending some of that on your year supply.  Start with water, then gather 72 hours of food and supplies, then 2 weeks and so on, you can do it!  If you are consistent, it will start to add up and you won't even think about it, buying extra will just be something you do.  So what other excuses do you have?

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